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Who we are:

Established in 1993, Pelyco Systems is a privately held company with offices in Ottawa, Canada and Silicon Valley (Foster City), California. Pelyco is a developer and provider of powerful Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility software and professional services for the manufacturing and retail industries.

What we do:

We help companies become more responsive to changes in logistics plans and throughout the global supply chain, by providing then with powerful tools that help them easily get to the information they need to analyze, assess, and make required changes.

Our solution is collaborative and real time information can be updated and shared anytime, and from anywhere.

Our core family of products includes SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower Co and SmartSpreadSheet™ for the Enterprise

Our customers, best in class companies like IBM, Toshiba, Chrysler, Gillette, Caterpillar, Best Buy, Castol, BP, Addidas, Reebok and many more, have dramatically improved perfect order performance and increased supply chain and logistics efficiency and performance with Pelyco's SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower and SmartSpreadSheet™ for the Enterprise.


Leading Industry Analyst, Aberdeen Group reports 75% of company's, rate supply chain and logistics visibility as one of the most challenging issues they currently face. That is what Pelyco is all about, providing our customers with the best supply chain and visibility solutions and services in the market today.

Most companies' IT systems have not kept pace with the speed of business change. A majority of businesses have usually only focused on heavily data laden systems like ERP, advanced planning, forecasting and other logistics and supply chain systems to manage their businesses. The problem is, data access is difficult and time consuming and there is little or no integration of data among disparate systems. As a result companies turn to spreadsheet technology to try and pull together the information they need. But spreadsheets have limitations. They are not collaborative, information is out of date, there is no audit trail of who changed data and why. Often “super users” are needed to try to develop some kind spreadsheet or complex access application to get access to internal system's data.

We help companies become more responsive to changes in logistics and the supply chain by providing powerful, but very intuitive, tools that help them manage those changes. Pelyco's solutions are designed and built for the 80% of the user communities who are NOT “super users” and are “disconnected” from data buried in complex logistics and supply chain systems.

Pelyco provides a library of tailored operational reports, executive metrics, graphical alerts and dynamic collaborative Excel-based spreadsheets, providing supply chain and logistics information visibility. Our customers report significant cost savings in labor and materials and impressive reductions in IT support costs.

What makes Pelyco Systems different?

  • Our visibility solution, SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower and SmartSpreadSheet™ for the Enterprise are an innovative mix of technology, reporting, and collaborative spreadsheet which is tailored to solve your critical business challenges.
  • We provide a “proof of concept” pilot using your data
  • Our solution is web-based, intuitive, collaborate and cost effective
  • Automated data capture from virtually any data source, in any format
  • Implementation is rapid - 10-12 weeks to completion
  • The solution set is permission-based and secure, with audit trails
  • We provide first class customer service
  • IT support is minimal with our cloud or on premise solution
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