SmartSpeadSheet™ Control Tower for Logistics

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SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower for Logistics Visibility was designed and developed with the end user in mind; and in a typical company, these knowledge workers manage and report on transportation and logistics operations.  SmartSpreadSheet Control Tower leverages the data created by transportation and logistics systems and provides a window into operations.

SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower for Logistics Visibility is robust set of supply chain and logistics visibility tools to manage change and reporting.  The toolset is collaborative and extremely intuitive and has been optimized to meet the needs of the knowledge workforce throughout the enterprise.

SmartSpreadSheet for the Enterprise™ is the collaboration component of the webPUBLISH Control Tower for Logistics Visibility. Tailored to resolve business challenges, SmartSpreadSheet for the Enterprise is a robust and user friendly application for managing changing operational data, analytics and scenario simulations.

Multi-site in design, some of the application tools include; Operations Visibility Reporting; Dynamic Collaborative SmartSpreadSheet for Analysis and Revision; Event alerts; Performance metrics; Detailed graphs; Dashboards; Secure (Permission-based access); Audit trails; Historical data.

SmartSpreadSheet Control Tower is cost effective, rapid to deploy, and the benefits are immediate.


Applied Business Intelligence Leverage existing big data assets, enhances existing BI application
Web-based Visibility More flexibility and greater user independence
SmartSpreadSheet™ For the Enterprise Collaborative Excel-based spreadsheets to manage change
Historical Data Built in run-to-run comparison
Reliable Security Permission based access, detailed audit trails
Supply Chain Mobility Collaborate with remote team members
Integrated Solution Easily integrate with a variety of transportation and logistics systems
Remarkable Scalability 2 to 2000 multi-user access with individual security

SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower for Logistics leverages the data created by logistics systems. It is important to note that SmartSpreadSheet™ for Logistics Visibility is not a data-mining tool, a report writer, an OLAP tool, or a document management system. It is one component of an enterprise information portal designed to integrate seamlessly with, and add valuable functionality to existing transportation and logistics systems.

Competitive advantage
SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower extends the efficiency of the supply chain data far beyond the core team, and translates existing data assets into high value information.

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