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Pelyco Systems' visibility solutions include a family of cloud based and on premise products that easily integrate with virtually any existing Logistics and Supply Chain applications. Our toolsets are intuitive, web-based, and collaborative. Changes and updates can be made anywhere, anytime and shared throughout the global enterprise. Our tools enhance existing BI tools with added processing speed and innovative technology techniques.

Pelyco also offers professional services to help you meet your visibility and logistics needs.


Supply Chain Visibility

SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower for SCV
Provides data liquidity and visibility across multi-level supply chains
SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower for Logistics
Provides complete visibility for logistics and transportation systems
SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower for APS
Pre-integrated visibility solution for a variety of APS systems on the market
SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower for ERP
Pre-integrated visibility solution for commercial and legacy ERP systems
SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower for DS®
Pre-integrated visibility solution for Demand Solutions® users

Spreadsheet Management

SmartSpreadSheet™ for the Enterprise
Excel-based spreadsheet management application that transforms unmanaged and “mission critical” spreadsheets into secure, collaborative enterprise applications
Smart S&OP™
Removes the limitations and static nature of MS Excel, and transforms Excel into a secure, enterprise wide, dynamic S&OP application, that eliminates business risk
SmartSpreadSheet Forecast™
An intuititive embedded statistical processing engine that utilizes a broad range of algorithms to arrive at a best case forecast freeing up the business users to add collaborative market insight
Highly intuitive, user configurable, metric dashboard that delivers real-time information at a click and a glance, with drill down detail capability

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Pelyco Systems is the leading provider of innovative Supply Chain and Logistics Visibility Solutions that help companies to optimize the efficiency of their operational business processes, with the effective use of their existing data assets.

SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower and SmartSpreadSheet™ for the Enterprise give our customers the real-time, focused view needed to perform the critical functions to monitor, notify, simulate, control and measure the efficiency of their logistics and supply chain business operations. Our visibility toolsets are tailored to resolve your business challenges.

SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower and SmartSpreadSheet™ for the Enterprise provide critical real time information visibility, allowing companies to cut inventory, streamline logistics, and manage their business processes to gain competitive advantage.

SmartDashboard & Ad-Hoc Excel Reporter is an intuitive set of customizable ad-hoc Excel reporting tools, and a configurable SmartDashboard that delivers real-time information at a click and at a glance.

Our valued customers are organizations that are challenged by the complexity, diversity and volume of data created by their logistics and supply chain management systems.

The SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower and SmartSpreadSheet™ for the Enterprise Technology Toolset:

  • Easily integrates with your corporate systems
  • Accelerates business process change
  • Leverages your existing data assets
  • Provides visibility reporting and tools
  • Integrates with existing BI tools
  • Scalable and collaborative
  • Provides critical visibility into your business processes
  • Automates and integrates disparate data collection
  • Is a cost effective, high value and rapid implementation
Our customers use SmartSpreadSheet™ Control Tower and SmartSpreadSheet for the Enterprise to gain visibility into these key business processes and quickly manage, and report on changes:

Forecast Accuracy Analysis Materials Management
Supplier & Vendor Tracking Production Scheduling
Demand/and Supply Management Integrated Sales/Operational Planning
Planner/Buyer Workbench Transportation and Logistics
Financial Analysis And more...

Our Vertical Market Expertise

Aerospace Automotive & Industrial Equipment
Electronics Process
Consumer Packaged Goods Retail
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