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SmartSpreadSheet As documented by Gartner Research, superior forecast performance has a dramatic impact on supply chain excellence and profitability.  In a recent study, companies that had higher levels of demand visibility and forecast accuracy reduced supply chain costs and increased perfect-order percentages.  Best-in-Class companies with superior demand-forecast accuracy also have 15 percent less inventory, 17 percent better perfect-order ratings, and 35 percent shorter cash-to-cash cycle times than their peers.

Pelyco’s Collaborative SmartSpreadSheet Forecast™ application helps companies achieve superior forecast accuracy which will positively impact the bottom line.  The direct correlation between superior perfect-order performance and key financial and market indicators include:
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS)
  • Return on Assets (ROA) 
  • Profit Margin
Return on investment
Pelyco’s SmartSpreadSheet Forecast™ module enables individuals anywhere in the global supply chain, to participate in a collaborative forecasting process.  Integrated communication results in better planning that leads to more informed decisions that help achieve superior business performance.  The collaborative capability of SmartSpreadSheet Forecast™ makes it straightforward to align the interests of sales, operations and finance departments.

SmartSpreadSheet Forecast™ is a powerful predictive forecasting module that ties into the corporate S&OP process and provides improved planning, visibility and control over a global supply chain.  The embedded statistical processing engine utilizes a broad range of statistical algorithms freeing up the business users to add collaborative market insight.

Four ways that SmartSpreadSheet Forecast will directly increase your bottom line:

  1. Forecast and plan with assurance.  SmartSpreadSheet Forecast will provide accurate forecasts of demand and inventory requirements instantly in the format you choose for a variety of corporate planning processes.  Problems are identified faster to help make better use of company resources and to balance resources including inventories.
  2. Reduce costs.  Balanced inventory not only reduces carrying cost but also drives optimum stocking levels across the supply chain reducing costs associated with rescheduling shipments and production expediting.
  3. Increase sales and profits.  By having the required supply items in inventory, stock-outs and backorders are reduced leading to fewer lost sales and increased market share.  Best-in-Class companies gain increased sales and maintain superior customer service with better forecasts.
  4. Leverage existing IT assets.  SmartSpreadSheet Forecast leverages your existing company databases and systems and seamlessly integrates with your supply chain and ERP systems.  It connects directly to SQL Server, DB2, Oracle and other host database systems.

What Makes SmartSpreadSheet Forecast™ Different?

Collaboration.  No amount of statistical analysis is going to set one particular forecasting tool apart.  No single forecast algorithm is going to create a huge advantage for any organization.  What makes the difference for our customers is collaboration.  Best-in-Class companies do a better job of collaborating internally and collaborating externally with suppliers and customers.  Collaboration sets our approach apart.

Pelyco helps companies meet the challenge of forecasting by creating a statistical baseline plan that aligns with operations and financial targets.   This baseline becomes the foundation for collaboration using SmartSpreadSheet to intuitively gather “feet on the street” market intelligence in real-time. 

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