Our Mission

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For many companies the mission statement is something that hangs in the lobby or boardroom, the result of some management or marketing meeting. For Pelyco Systems we believe that our mission statement is significant enough to be shared publicly on our web site. Our mission statement is a reflection of who we are as individuals and is in alignment with each of our personal goals.

Mission Statement

To earn our customers' trust by providing valuable, innovative information technology solutions and services.
To earn our employees' trust by providing an ethical, challenging and growth oriented workplace.

Both our principles and our values help us to build a great company with both customers and employees in mind.

Our Principles

Our personal and professional success can be attributed to our dedication and adherence to these principles:

  • Proactively work for the interest of customers and co-workers
  • Empower individuals to reach their potential
  • Consider and treat others as you would have them consider and treat you
  • Acknowledge the efforts and contributions of others
  • Actively engage in sound business practices that are moral and ethical
  • Being honest with yourself and others around you

Our Values

As we operate and grow in the information technology world we value the following characteristics:
  • Teamwork - through a spirit of cooperation and shared goals
  • Communication - by actively encouraging the exchange of ideas and information internally and with customers
  • Competence and Knowledge - by hiring talented individuals, recognizing their impact and investing in their development
  • Personal and Professional Growth - by challenging individuals to achieve their goals through initiative, hard work and dedication to ongoing learning
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