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Send me a copy of the ESCO case study on Integrated Business Planning (IBP) / SIOP and learn about:

  • How ESCO Corporation, a global leader headquartered in Portland, Oregon with a global network of more than 70 manufacturing plants, and supply & service facilities and offices in 20 countries dramatically transformed it's Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP) for all the different geographies.
  • ESCO was able to quickly and cost effectively move from a fragmented process to a fully integrated and collaborative  methodology for integrated business planning (IBP).
  • Industry best practice by a 100+ year old privately held company.

Send me a copy of the Reebok S&OP case study and learn:

  • How Pelyco’s SmartSpreadSheet S&OP solution became a game changer for Reebok-CCM hockey.
  • How Reebok transformed the business into a real-time globally enabled organization utilizing leading edge S&OP methodologies and best practices.
  • About the immediate benefits the Pelyco SmartSpreadSheet S&OP solution provided to Reebok-CCM including; greater global demand and supply visibility. 
  • About Reebok-CCM's gains in improved forecast accuracy, collaboration, communication and decision-making across departments and across the integrated multi-national global supply chain.
Send me a copy of the white paper "Say Farewell to Excel Hell for Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals"

If your organization uses Excel spreadsheets to manage critical business processes in your supply chain, you need to read this comprehensive whitepaper, “Say Farewell to Spreadsheet Hell.”  Given the ever-increasing dependency on spreadsheets to manage critical business processes in the supply chain, the risks and costs have also increased dramatically. Spreadsheets were never designed to be enterprise applications and a simple mistakes can cost millions. Learn why companies turn to spreadsheets and end up in spreadsheet hell.  However, there is a way out and it doesn’t mean you need to get rid of spreadsheets altogether. Find out how to "get out of Execl hell" in this revealing whitepaper. (Free Research).
Send me a copy of the "BP Lubricants - Optimizing Warehousing in a Campus Environment" by Kevin D. Harris, Global Supply Chain, OEM Supply Chain & Customer Solutions Manager Co-presented with Pelyco

Learn how an $8+ billion global manufacturer successfully developed an integrated, optimized solution to meet its storage and distribution needs in order to support its largest lubricants factory in the world. The Baton Rouge Facility is the largest BP lubricants blending site within the Global Supply Chain, blending lubricants (bulk and package) and proprietary additives for both domestic consumption and export sale. As volume for this facility had significantly increased, warehousing support had not kept pace. Reduced storage space, resulting from manufacturing expansion and encroachment, had actually further exacerbated the situation. Future production growth was limited, productivity and efficiency were reduced due to bottlenecking, and safety concerns began to arise due to the limited space and congestion. Additionally, third party shuttling and warehousing costs skyrocketed and service levels began to decline as a result of the inefficiencies created in the sub-optimal product flow. A multi-step process was initiated that engaged both internal and external resources. The approach included multiple phases: data gathering and analysis opportunity assessment and solution development funding and resource allocation project initiation, implementation and completion The outcome of this process was a multi-project initiative that addressed physical, system, people and process improvements, resulting in an optimized campus solution. This solution reduced costs and improved safety, service, efficiency and productivity. This program became a model for the management of future multiple, interrelated projects.
Send me a copy of the white paper Unleashing the Power of SmartSpreadSheet™ (Supply Chain Visibility - The Value of Data Integration)

The SmartSpreadSheet provides the end user the power and flexibility of Excel and a robust, easy way to maintain enterprise data for the IT organization. With the SmartSpreadSheet, there is no persistent data storage on the desktop the most common problem with Excel. The problem being "what spreadsheet is associated with which version of the truth?" Organizations can now effectively collaborate without the need to maintain multiple versions of an Excel file.
Send me a copy of Data Liquidity: Practical Approach to Achieving Strategic Initiative Results by Industry Directions Inc.

(Free Research) Many large enterprises have discovered tapping the data locked in enterprise systems to make it liquid can be quick, low-cost and painless. Imagine if everyone in the company had access to all of the data they needed for making difficult decisions in a key business process. And other groups could get needed information for another business process.
Send me a copy of Gillette case study and learn:
  • From Jim Rogers, Director of Demand Planning, North America Value Chain with Gillette (now part of P&G) how Gillette uses webPUBLISH and SmartSpreadSheet to increase their forecasting accuracy to improve service and response time to their customers.
  • How Intelligent Visibility can improve the ability of your Management to respond quickly to changes in your market.
  • How you can use Visibility for more fact-based decision making and get immediate access to this critical business information.
Send me a copy of Munchkin Inc. case study and learn:
  • From Tom Buffum, Director of Demand Managment, how Munchkin Inc. uses webPUBLISH and SmartSpreadSheet to increase their forecasting accuracy to improve service and response time to their customers.
  • How Supply Chain Visibility solutions can improve the bottom line of your company.
Send me a copy of Supply Chain Visibility and the Pace of Change by Chuck Dow.
Mr. Dow is former Senior Director, Transportation Support Services at Best Buy Co. Inc., the nation's largest consumer electronics retailer. While Mr. Dow was at Best Buy:
  • BBY Rev Increased from $12B to $37B – 20% annual growth
  • Stores increased from 375 to 950+
  • Transportation spend $110M to $464M
  • TMS implemented FY'01 and saved $8M+/year
  • SCV implemented FY'04 & total programs saving $12M+/year
Send me a copy of Plexus case study
Send me a copy of the Elamex case study
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Send me a copy of the Best Buy case study

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