Fast Forward to Value™ Program for webPUBLISH™

Results Guaranteed in writing.

Foster City, CA

Pelyco Systems today announced a "Fast Forward to Value™ " program for webPUBLISH™. Effective immediately, i2 Technologies® customers can choose to license webPUBLISH™ for Factory Planner® under the terms of a 10-day, results guaranteed program. Customers will receive a written guarantee of the 10-day implementation cycle and accompanying results guarantee.

In today's fast paced, intelligent e-business world, organizations must stay ahead of the competition both at the strategic and operational level. In order to execute on those needs Pelyco has created a first in the software industry with the "Fast Forward to Value™" program. Under the terms of this program customers have 100% confidence in achieving the value with absolutely zero risk.

"Pelyco is proud to deliver its customers the ultimate in service and satisfaction. A lot of companies promise to deliver value to their customers but none guarantee success under the terms of a 10-day rapid results program." said Stephanie Joy, VP Marketing of Pelyco Systems. "Not only do we deliver results in web-days but we also leave the determination of value completely up to the client. If the client doesn't accept and acknowledge the value delivered, then the client is under no obligation at all. It's one thing to profess to deliver value. It's completely another thing to put that in writing with the control in the hands of the customer."

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