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Pelyco's Subscription Plan for webPUBLISH for TradeMatrix® offers a great deal of flexibility in tailoring your subscription to your specific requirements. Customers can choose the subscription time frame, number of users, and which reports and metrics to include from the standard library for their site implementation.

Time frames range from a minimum of 1 month up to 1 year. Your subscription can be renewed prior to the end of your initial subscription period so that you are assured of having continued access to the system, its data, the report library and the historical planning data you have created during the initial subscription period. The software can be licensed for use by a minimum of 5 users and can be scaled to support many more users. This makes webPUBLISH suitable for any size organization that is actively engaged in measuring, reporting, and leveraging the data assets currently being created by i2's TradeMatrix products to the broadest based of non super users in the organization.

While most of Pelyco's powerful analytic tools are included in the base subscription package, you can also add optional components, such as custom reports, data from non-i2 sources and integration with third party business intelligence applications.

A subscription consists of:
  • One-time fees for establishing your account, installing your software licenses, providing classroom training, configuring your system, loading, testing your data with the standard library and customization services.
  • Monthly fees for your software licenses, end user software support, the comprehensive cross customer report library (including updates), system administration support, and your selected configuration options. A typical configuration running on NT, with the standard report library and 5 users is as little as $3,000 per month.
If you renew your subscription prior to its end date, no one-time fees will be charged for the next subscription period. The Pelyco Consulting organization is fully staffed with webPUBLISH experts who are ready to assist with your site specific reports, on-site training needs and to provide consulting services on a contract basis. For more information, please visit

If you would like to have an Pelyco Sales Representative contact you to further discuss the webPUBLISH for TradeMatrix Subscription offering, you can send an email message to, or call us at 650-349-4851 during normal business hours (7 AM – 6 PM Pacific Time).

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