Delta Faucet Company Achieves Continued Success with Pelyco Supply Chain Visibility Solution

webPUBLISH ™ Helps Improve Planning and Scheduling Process for Delta Faucet

Silicon Valley, CA, February 18, 2003 -- Pelyco Systems, a global provider of web-based supply chain visibility solutions, today reported that Delta Faucet Company, a division of Masco Corporation (NYSE: MAS), and the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial faucets in the world, has successfully implemented Pelyco's webPUBLISH, as their supply chain visibility solution at it's Indianapolis, IN headquarters. After eighteen months of use, Delta continues to expand utilization and derive value from webPUBLISH.

Delta has been focused on new technological capabilities that can help them maximize their supply chain efficiencies. Delta chose webPUBLISH to complement their i2 system and add the visibility needed to help streamline their forecasting and planning process. Supply chain visibility allows for better control and execution of forecasts and plans. By using webPUBLISH, Delta has removed the complexity, and added dramatic efficiency to their entire planning and scheduling process.

Designed for rapid implementation and seamless integration with i2, webPUBLISH was successfully integrated with i2's Factory Planner and implemented in just 2 months at their Indianapolis, IN headquarters. Benefiting from an outstanding level of user acceptance due to the intuitive nature of the application, Delta is presently increasing its webPUBLISH user base.

Delta Faucet Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Masco Corporation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of faucets, cabinets, architectural coatings, locks and other consumer brand-name, home improvement/building products and services. Delta focuses on being the market share leader in providing differentiated, branded faucets and related products that support the Company's success among consumers. Delta sells products in more than 53 countries. Within the United States, Delta faucets are sold through a nationwide distribution channel of retail stores and wholesale showrooms. These products are also sold through builders and contractors. Delta's manufacturing plants are located in Greensburg, Indiana; Jackson, Tennessee; Chickasha, Oklahoma; Ontario, Canada; and Panyu, China.

Pelyco is the only company to offer supply chain visibility solutions that transform existing extensive data assets into high value comprehensible information. webPUBLISH removes the complexity of large scale planning systems, and provides companies with the capabilities to leverage existing data assets, and build an efficient community of productive users extending the benefits of i2 to the widest possible audience.

“Pelyco is very excited to work with such a well respected company as the Delta Faucet Company. We understand the planning challenges faced by manufacturers and have focused on delivering visibility solutions that help leverage the power of their planning systems,” said Stephanie Joy, Marketing VP of Pelyco Systems. “Their choice of webPUBLISH and recent expansion of their user base, is further confirmation that Pelyco Systems offers expertise and a visibility solution best suited to meet and exceed the needs of leading manufacturers,”

About Delta Faucet Company

Delta Faucet Company, a division of Masco Corporation, is the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial faucets in the world. The company manufactures the Delta, Delta Select and Peerless faucet brands and holds the number one market share position in the United States. The market-leading Delta line, with a strong half-century heritage, delivers exceptionally well-made, stylish faucets and related accessories that are precisely crafted to be beautiful both inside and outside. Delta Select provides high-end, distinctive styles and finishes that complement today's upscale kitchens and baths. Dedicated to a total customer experience, Delta invests heavily in internal processes and systems to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. A worldwide leader in faucets and related accessories, Delta sells products in more than 53 countries. For more information on Delta Faucet Company, visit Delta's Web site at

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Pelyco Systems delivers supply chain visibility solutions. Established in 1993, Pelyco focuses on exceeding all customer expectations when delivering advanced supply chain visibility products and services. Pelyco develops and supports leading edge, web-based business solutions for manufacturers and their supply chains. The Pelyco Systems solutions and services transform the supply chain to provide companies with significant business value and competitive advantage. Pelyco is a privately held company headquartered in Foster City, California. For more information on the company and its products and services, visit Pelyco on the web at

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