Pelyco Systems Incorporates Cutting Edge BIRT Technology into webPUBLISH™ and SmartSpreadSheet™ Applications

 BIRT Technology Enhances Pelyco’s BI Visibility Reporting Capabilities

Ottawa, Ont. and Silicon Valley, CA; May, 2011 - Pelyco Systems, a global provider of web-based, collaborative supply chain/logistics visibility and spreadsheet management solutions, today announced the addition of BIRT; an IBM Eclipse based reporting technology, to the webPUBLISH™ and SmartSpreadSheet™ toolset of solutions. The Eclipse Project was originally created by IBM in November 2001 and is supported by a consortium of software vendors.  Eclipse is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle  

BIRT’s reporting system that integrates with Java/J2EE application to produce compelling reports. It provides core reporting features such as report layout, data access and scripting. BIRT has two main components: a report designer based on Eclipse, and a runtime component that can be added to an application server. BIRT helps produce more compelling reports with a charting engine that allows users to dynamic add charts to their applications.  BIRT reports consist of four main elements; data, data transforms, business logic and presentation.    
BIRT adds a rich variety of dynamic reports to Pelyco’s SmartSpreadSheet and webPUBLISH applications, and supports the following data sources: 

JDBC – Works with any JDBC driver.
Scripted – Lets you write code to access other data sources.
FlatFile - Allows acessing flat file data using standard delimiters.
XML - XML files or streams can be used as a data source. XPath syntax is used to specify columns.

Pelyco Systems' supply chain and logistics visibility and spreadsheet management solutions are designed to enhance operational business performance with real-time information visibility and spreadsheet security and control. Pelyco's webPUBLISH™ and SmartSpreadSheet™ provides a powerful supply chain and logistics visibility and performance management solution, that allows manufacturers to effectively manage, control, and report on business processes and changes, throughout the global supply chain  

“The Pelyco Systems R&D team continues to utilize new, and cutting edge technology to enhance and improve our supply chain and logistics visibility, and spreadsheet management solutions,” said Stephanie Joy, VP of Marketing at Pelyco Systems. “Surpassing our customer’s needs and expectations is our priority.  webPUBLISH and SmartSpreadSheet have become an integral part of supply chain management solutions for our customers such as Technicolor, BP Lubricants, Caterpillar, IBM, Best Buy and many more,” she stated. “Our customers are looking for ways to increase their insight into their global supply chains and adding new technology to our visibility and spreadsheet management solutions helps them achieve that insight.”   

About Pelyco Systems

Pelyco Systems delivers collaborative supply chain/logistics visibility and spreadsheet management solutions that help companies improve business process efficiencies and streamline operations that directly result in cost reductions and improved cash flow.  Established in 1993, Pelyco develops and supports leading edge, web-based supply chain/logistics visibility solutions for manufacturers and their supply chains.  Pelyco is a privately held company headquartered in Foster City, California.  For more information on the company and its products and services, visit Pelyco on the web at .

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