ESCO Corp Implements Pelyco’s Smart Forecast and SIOP Solutions

 Pelyco’s Smart Forecast and SIOP Solutions Provide ESCO Corp with Demand / Supply Visibility and Financial Planning Capability for Operational Decision Making

Ottawa, Ont. and Portland, Oregon; May, 2015 - Pelyco Systems, the leading provider of web-based, collaborative supply chain/logistics visibility and spreadsheet management solutions, today announced that ESCO Corporation, an independent developer and manufacturer of highly engineered wear parts and replacement products used in mining, infrastructure, oil & gas, and industrial applications, has implemented Pelyco’s Smart Forecast and SIOP solutions.  These solutions will support the ESCO Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP) process, and provide ESCO with time-phased, projections for supply, demand, inventory, and the resulting financials.


ESCO manages a highly complex combination of production foundries, distribution centers, products and customers.  They are market leader in Ground Engaging Tools that are designed and manufactured in owned foundries.  Products are made in foundries located all over the world and serve global markets primarily in mining, construction and dredging.  Products are sold through a combination of direct to customer, distributors and owned ‘stores’ located at large mining or construction sites.  Products are distributed through owned regional distribution centers located in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Within ESCO there are four primary areas of functional focus to support the SIOP process: Demand Planning, Inventory Optimization, Supply Planning and S&OP.  The Pelyco’s solution set delivers critical capabilities to build the core demand plan, inventory plan and multi-level supply plan.  The Pelyco Forecast and SIOP planning capabilities has provided key information to ESCO for making operational decisions and executing strategies that are implemented in near term and future operational plans.   Pelyco delivered a robust solution set that met all the SIOP requirements of ESCO within a four month timeframe.

Pelyco’s Forecasting and SIOP capabilities include the ability for ESCO to generate forecasts and plans at multiple levels for different products, do comparisons, and make adjustments to ensure all business function plans are aligned and in support of their business plan.

Pelyco Systems is the leading provider of Collaboration Visibility Solutions powered by SmartSpreadSheet™ for the Enterprise for supply chain intensive companies.  Pelyco helps companies solve complex supply chain visibility; planning and operational problems and help companies of all sizes become more responsive to changes, and overcome the challenges of managing complex global supply chains.

Steve Morris, Vice President of Global Supply Chain, ESCO Corporation said, “We are extremely pleased with the Pelyco Forecast and SIOP planning solutions, and the benefits are impressive.  The improved forecast accuracy and comprehensive SIOP program gives ESCO more agility and provides us with effective operational and strategic supply chain planning and management.”  Pelyco has been an exceptional solution partner and we are very happy with the results.” Steve said.

Stephanie Joy, VP Marketing for Pelyco Systems, said, “We are delighted to deliver a comprehensive set of control tower management capabilities and planning solutions to support the ESCO SIOP process.  We understand that changing market dynamics and sourcing lead times are continually driving the importance of SIOP.  Creating the proper alignment and balance between demand and supply requires a clear, focused process, supported by robust collaborative and planning tools.  Pelyco’s SIOP solutions will enhance ESCO’s process and help them manage sales, marketing and operations in a thorough and efficient manner.”

About ESCO Corporation
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ESCO Corporation is a leading independent designer, manufacturer and provider of highly engineered wear parts and replacement products used in mining, infrastructure, oil & gas, and industrial applications. The company operates in 28 countries on six continents, including an expansive network of 27 manufacturing facilities and more than 50 sales and distribution offices.

About Pelyco Systems
Pelyco Systems delivers collaborative supply chain/logistics visibility and spreadsheet management solutions that help companies improve business process efficiencies and streamline operations that directly result in cost reductions and improved cash flow.  Established in 1993, Pelyco develops and supports leading edge, web-based supply chain/logistics visibility solutions for manufacturers and their supply chains. Pelyco is a privately held company headquartered in Foster City, California. For more information on the company and its products and services, visit Pelyco on the web at

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