Pelyco Introduces webPUBLISH™ Control Tower for Global Supply Chain Visibility

Pelyco’s webPUBLISH™ Visibility Control Tower Provides Companies with Visibility into End-to-End Supply Chain Operations

Ottawa, Ont. and Silicon Valley, CA; Jan., 2016 Pelyco Systems, a leading supplier of collaborative supply chain and logistics visibility solutions, today announced the launch of the webPUBLISH™ Visibility Control Tower.   The webPUBLISH™ Visibility Control Tower allows companies to gain a more comprehensive and centralized view of their supply chain operations, helping them to improve operational efficiencies and cut costs. 

Companies are constantly striving for greater operational efficiency and have implemented powerful ERP and Supply Chain systems but do not have easy access to all their critical business data.  This data is often dispersed across multiple systems and in different data formats.  webPUBLISH™ Control Tower for Supply Chain Visibility provides quick and easy access to company data held in disparate systems and displays it in clear, intuitive collaborative SmartSpreadSheet™ for Enterprise views, sophisticated visibility reports and performance graphs.

Pelyco’s portfolio of visibility solutions are designed to help companies of all sizes become more responsive to changes, cut costs and overcome the challenges of managing complex global supply chains.

Colin Finn, Vice President for Pelyco Systems, said, “We constantly hear from supply chain professionals about the challenges of not being able to bring together disparate data held in a variety of company systems, and the need for centralized visibility.  Our goal is to help companies resolve their challenges by providing them with powerful visibility technology and intuitive tools that gives them enhanced visibility so they can make informed decisions that are aligned with their performance and strategic objectives.  The webPUBLISH™ Visibility Control Tower  enables our clients to plan, monitor and respond using a single, common application to manage logistics and supply chain changes or disruption in real-time.  It gives companies a more comprehensive view of their supply chain so they can quickly react to changes and make well informed profitable business decisions.”


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Pelyco Systems delivers collaborative supply chain visibility and planning solutions that help companies improve business process efficiencies, and streamline their operations.  Established in 1993, Pelyco develops and supports leading edge, business cloud and web-based supply chain solutions for manufacturers and their supply chains. Pelyco is a privately held company headquartered in Foster City, California.  For more information on the company and its products and services, visit Pelyco at

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